Liz’s Birthday

Wednesday April 29th was Liz’s birthday. It was an important event as all birthdays should be, but this one more so because this year she turned 40. The new 30 people, the new 30. We started it off with cake at the Sanderson’s place. Mrs. Margot and Sophie had worked diligently and made a Tres Leches DR style. It was good, finger licking good!

El Tres Leches was cut, shared and enjoyed.

By big and small all around.

All around, I tell you.

Then the big were off to Habana Room at the Radisson Hotel in midtown.
There, mojitos were had!

And tapas were ordered.

Pictures were taken.

And bailaoras performed.

Tapas were promptly had while we waited for friends to arrive.

Unfortunately, after 3 mojitos I apparently forget I need to keep shooting pics and this is why none of the friends were documented. Sorry about that guys. It was a fun shared night. Happy Birthday Liz! May this new year be filled with all the joy and laughter of the night.


2 responses to “Liz’s Birthday

  1. No birthday is complete without a chocolate cake.

  2. Nabeel – I guess we need to do a do-over then ; )

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