Busy with Life

This week has been crazy, a complete bag of tricks with a little bit of everything to keep things interesting. I will start with last weekend and it’s awesome weather. We knew in advance it would be summer-like weather and organized to have our first picnic of the season at Central Park. Yes, everyone and their mother would be there, so we thought hard of a spot which we thought would be people-less and avoided like the plague the Great Lawn and Sheep Meadow.

This is where we settled, take a look:

It was a hot, relaxing, much needed easy going day enjoyed by all
(complete album in FB for anyone interested).

On Sunday I woke up in a funk and even though it was another beautiful summer-like day, I was in, for most of it. I roamed from the bedroom to the living room and then back. There’s not a lot to explore in one bedroom apartment NYC style, or Sunday TV for that matter.

Monday morning came and I was still feeling UGH but had to work, thank God for that. I went over to the CSS and worked until lunch time, when I headed down to SoHo, my all time favorite neighborhood in Manhattan. I had a quick bite and strolled over to Frederic Fekkai. I had a hair coloring appointment, which I had been very much looking forward to. My hair is the lowest-maintenance aspect of my self, I get it cut once a year and colored, well, almost never, but ever since I found out about Fekkai last summer, I anticipate going back.

The coloring was great. I left there feeling refreshed and happy. The feeling was increased by the stroll through street vendors and people watching, and ultimately climaxed at Ceci Cela with a vanilla eclair.

Tuesday is usually a stay and work from home day. I was still in my funk, wondering why I had made certain professional decisions and feeling a little letdown by the results. I took myself to lunch. I had heard about Hummus Kitchen and voila, there’s one walking distance from me. I had a falafel wrap and burekas. Yum doesn’t begin to describe it.

After this I started feeling a bit better, things aren’t that bad I kept telling myself, and actually started feeling a little guilty for feeling bad to begin with. I had had a long phone conversation the night before with Ina and it had helped me, if not to gain perspective, at least to vent and get it out of my system. The perspective gaining came later on, when I receive an email from Ina saying she had an emergency and might need an operation. See, now that is something one worries about, not if your life is not where you thought it would be, or you set out to do this thing for 3 years and it’s going to be more like 5, or that you want to feel like a productive professional adult again already. Nope, that sort of falls to the background when health issues happen.

So it was off to the Downtown Hospital to meet my friend and be with her before and after the surgery. Everything went well, thank God, and she was sent home that same night. I went home with a different outlook on life (my life at least) and woke up the next day, tired, but content and ready to give it my all. It was a good thing too, because Wednesday’s are packed days and this one included work at CSS, yoga, work at AERI, errands, birthday cake and an outing on the town. More to come on that front.


5 responses to “Busy with Life

  1. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you go to work in order to enjoy gorgeous days in the park. And man oh man did you get one! Glad to hear your friend is going to be ok – hope you have a great weekend, Jen!

  2. Moods come and go..Never know when a bad one is coming, never know when it will end..

  3. Is that you in that photo? You’re looking tiny!!Happy May 1st, it’s been beautiful here too…

  4. Veo las fotos de la comida y se me antoja, pero agradezco no tenerla a la mano… tiene consecuencias desastrosas en mí jajaja.Que linda semana Jen. Ánimo, dale tiempo al tiempo.

  5. SoMi’S Nilsa – So true! Thanks!Buffalodick – True, so true. The Sarjent – It is, but I’m not that tiny. I need to lose 5 to 7 pounds to be as I was last summer. Mond – : ) En eso estoy Ing, dandole tiempo al tiempo ; )

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