Got sleep?

I’ve been feeling ugh lately and it’s throwing off, not only my game, but my sleep as well. Today I woke up at 3 am. Yeah, my bedroom lap went on unrequested again, but then I couldn’t go back sleep because of all the thoughts roaming around my head. I used to be able to sleep like a rock. Now, not so much. I sometimes watch Nick and Soph sleep and feel nostalgic. I used to sleep like that, not a care in the world. But somehow life happened and that’s just not the case anymore.

I am utterly unmotivated these days and quite bored with the whole situation of my day-to-day life. I know, I know, I can just hear you now: “Oh yeah, poor little you. People are dying right this minute from hunger, pain, injustice and plain malice. Get some perspective girl!” I know this, I do. In the grander scheme of things I have nothing to complain about and should frankly be ashamed of not being content with my life right now, especially because it is mainly a result of the decisions I’ve made with the choices I’ve had. And that’s good and fine for the conscious level. But unconsciously? I can’t sleep at night.

I don’t want to vent here. For some reason this whole lack of motivation has me on the reserved, retracted side. I have talked about it with friends and it has helped (thanks guys), but I don’t feel like going on and on writing about. It has to do with my professional life, and that’s not the focus of this blog anyway. So when it’s time to bitch/share/praise (might happen, you never know) about men again, don’t you worry, you will be the first to know. For now I’m busy trying to get myself out of this funk and back to data analysis, because those three remaining chapters are not going to write themselves, unfortunately.


10 responses to “Got sleep?

  1. Sleeplessness is going around the blogosphere. I think it’s spring.

  2. The only thing helping me sleep lately is wearing ear plugs. I swear I sleep solidly for 6-8 hours until my cat starts licking me at 6:30am.I hope things shift for you. I feel you on the unmotivated front!

  3. That’s why a car has gears..You can’t be in “drive” all the time..

  4. Justo de eso hablábamos cuando estuve ahí, ¿te acuerdas? Tú me dijiste que diera un poco de tiempo para que las cosas se fueran acomodando y pudiera ver todo con una perspectiva diferente. Sigo un poco (o mucho) como cuando estuve allá, pero las cosas se han movido y es momento de ir acomodando. Quizás a ti te pase algo similar, ¿no? No sé, sólo trato de empatizar contigo. Un abrazo fuerte desde acá Jen (sin influenza).

  5. Hang in there. Do what you need to do to make your professional life better. And make a promise to yourself to do something for yourself everyday. Whether it’s going to yoga or sitting in the park or whatever. Maybe it will help balance out how you’re feeling about work stuff.

  6. I hope sleep filled nights are in your near future! Sorry to hear you’re in a funk, but they usually don’t last too long!

  7. Kate – You never know, it might as well be just that.Sizzle – I think as soon as I get my act together and start being productive again, things will calm down in the anxiety realm and sleep will go back to normal (hopefully). Buffalodick – How did you get to be so wise?Mond – Gracias Ing, por tu empatia. Si, me acuerdo de nuestra conversa y me siento un poco asi yo tambien. La verdad es que he estado como aburrida con mi “estatus” profesional por bastante tiempo ya y creo que el retraso de la defensa de tesis agravo la situacion. Pero si, con el tiempo todo se soluciona y las cosas caen en su snato lugar. A ver cuando conversamos, si?SoMi’s Nilsa – Yep, yoga and exercising have been my life saviors these days. I can’t change much within my professional life right now, but I can get with it and push through it so that when the time come I am ready. togethertheycome – I hope so too : ) True, thank God for that!

  8. It’s the stress of the world in general. I think it is casting a miasma over us all and the end result is: Can’t Sleep… Clowns Will Eat Me!!!!

  9. Cuando quieras platicamos por Skype, ¿sale?

  10. PinkPiddyPaws – : ) it just might be so. Mond – Seguro vale, conversemos!

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