Pie de Limon / Key Lime Pie

I’ve been having lemon pie cravings since last week. So Sunday I decided I was to bake one. Here goes for those of you who might want to satisfy your cravings at home.

The ingredients:

You start by melting 8 oz of unsalted butter.

Then crush the cookies in the blender or any other crushing device you have.

Until you have them in powder form.

Then take the melted butter,

and pour it in, mixing it with the powdered cookies.

Mix and press evenly.

Then it’s off to the limes.

You’ll need the blender for this too. So after rinsing it off, squeeze the limes into it.

I never measure it, but you need about 1/4 of a cup or so.

Add in the condensed milk. I use two.

Then bring in the eggs. You’ll need 3 egg yolks per condensed milk.

Keep the whites separate.

Add in the yolks.

Blend to get the heavenly mix.

Which you then pour on top of the cookie crust.

You get something like this:

Then go back to the egg whites. You’ll needed a mixer for this.

Beat the eggs until fluffy and add in the sugar.
My grandma’s recipe calls for 3 spoons full of sugar for each egg white, so 18 in total.

Once it’s done, add to to the pie, one spoon full at a time.

Spread it well to cover all the surface and create peaks with a fork.

Voila, you have a pie!

Bake at 350 degrees, for about 15 minutes, or when you start to notice it turning brown.

After it has cooled off, chill in the fridge. And then, when chilled, serve.

And share with friends and family. It’s very important to share, so don’t forget this part.

; ) Enjoy!

11 responses to “Pie de Limon / Key Lime Pie

  1. My love for Key lime anything is well- documented!

  2. You’re activating my saliva glands!

  3. Mmmmm! I’m going to think about key lime pie even more than usual now. 🙂

  4. YUM…been eating quite badly lately. This seems quite easy to make, maybe I’ll have a go.I guess it’s a similar mixture for lemon curd pie?? mmmm.

  5. Okay, I WANT PIE. That looks so good!

  6. Weekends Off – Indeed! ; )Buffalodick – We share the same love.Nilsa – I hope that’s a good thing ; )Justrun – You and me both!The Sarjent – I don’t know about lemon curd pie, but this one is oh-so-good. togethertheycome – I’ll save you a piece! : )

  7. Fantastic, that’s an unusual twist. Normally it’s lemon meringue pie. Love the size of the pie and that you’ve put in a rectangular dish.

  8. Babycakes – I guess it is sort of a hybrid between the traditional key lime pie and lemon meringue, specially the meringue part. I’ve always done it in a rectangular mold, not sure why. Back in the day, my dad had an ice cream shop and I made and sold this pie. I had my regulars, people who come just for their piece of pie and it was a square, not a wedge ; )

  9. Que Linda Jen, dejame decirte que el haber tomadote la delicadeza de mostrar paso por paso tan detalladamente todas las explicaciones…Tu…Eres un amor de cosas bellas!!;D

  10. Clau – : ) que linda, gracias.

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