East Village

I had been meaning to go out with my friend Silvina and her hubby Josh for quite some time. So this past Friday we set out to have dinner at Caracas Arepa Bar, a typical Venezuelan food restaurant owned by some friends.

I got off at Astor Place and walked over to 1st Ave. The East Village is always so picturesque, you can’t but stop and stare at some of the funky stuff you see there. Take a peak:

Walking down Marks St.

Trees blooming in a perfect Spring night.

The interesting.

The weird.

And the eclectic. You can’t say you won’t find modern architecture in the East Village.

We met at the restaurant but there was an hour wait, so we headed for a bar for drinks.

Silvina and Josh.

The cause of many of my pleasures.

And then off to Caracas…

I thought this shot was kind of cool.

Sharing the goods.

Teque~os! My favorite.

I didn’t shoot the arepas, so I guess you’ll have to venture over to experience those for yourself. It was a great night out and awesome to get to share it with good friends.


6 responses to “East Village

  1. What a fun night out! I love the pics it felt like I was taking the walk with you!NY is on my “Someday I’ll go there” list…

  2. Weekends Off – It was great to spend time with them and the East Village is always fun, so a win-win.Sorry for the quality of the pics. They are from the iPhone’s camera. You should totally come, it’s an incredible place to visit.

  3. I swear you New Yorkers can travel the world in the span of five blocks!

  4. Cool. We both need to remember this on my next visit!Well, I’m sure you will, so mostly by “we” I mean ME.

  5. I miss New York.

  6. buffalodick – You said it!justrun – For sure, next time you come, we’ll go exploring. Kate – And NY misses you my dear ; )

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