Political Outing

I’ve been so busy lately with my social life, you’d think I was done with my data analysis. Not so much, unfortunately. I guess I just needed some distraction and some way to get the ugh produced by my recent dating life, out of my system.

A newly acquired friend invited me to a book reading this past Thursday. Chesa Boudin, a friend of this friend of mine, wrote “Gringo: A coming of age in Latin America”. After ditching Oxford for better pastures, Chesa set out for adventures in different Latin American countries, living for some time in Venezuela and while there, working for Chavez.

Now, Chesa is very liberal, as far to the left as one can be and has a very positive view on Chavez’s policies and community inspired approaches for the masses. As you know I’m no friend of Chavez and have my personal experiences with the whole socialist regime. When he started to speak I immediately thought “My lord, what did I get myself into”. But I listened and tried to be open to the fact that this was a foreigner’s take on what’s been happening in my country. But when he said the US needed to learn from the greatness happening in Latin America and could use a dose of this peaceful and democratic movement, I felt I would pop a vein if I didn’t say something. So I did. And we had a mini discussion, and it was interesting.

I didn’t want to ruin this guys reading and understood he was viewing it from a US stance. He was trying to portray how what’s happening there compares to what’s happening here, and ultimately, where diplomatic lines can be enhanced. While I can only view it as Venezuela before and after Chavez. So, we are not only coming from different stances and life experiences, but the purpose for our discussion about it is different as well.

So to get back to the greatness of this country, here are some shots taken in the meatpacking district on my way to the reading at The Bretch Forum, apparently the place where most leftist ideas in NYC are born. Who knew?

A great Spring looking tree.

Sunset over the Hudson River.

And Chesa reading from his book.

After the reading we headed over to La Focaccia for dinner. I had Linguini Nere al Salmone, which was absolutely delicious. And shared a bottle of red wine. The night, overall, all politics aside, was a hit.


3 responses to “Political Outing

  1. You know far more about the situation than the average person on the streets…

  2. Happy spring. It’s been lovely here this weekend too, as a result haven’t been in posting and haven’t got around to the photos. I will though, I will!I love the blossom season, it rocks. I must take some photos of my own around Amsterdam.

  3. Buffalodick – I definitely have a different perspective than he does, that’s for sure. The Sarjent – Happy Spring to you too!

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