Things have been falling into place lately. When the rubber was about to meet the road, when the strength was quickly fading away and the end looked so dim, there was no way out, something happened. It has happened for me, for my sister, for her mother-in-law.

Liz: “We are surrounded by miracles.”

Me: “We truly are : )”


8 responses to “Surrounded

  1. That’s a good thing. 🙂

  2. Call them what you will- they happen everyday…

  3. Sizzle – Indeed, very good. And we are very happy about it : )buffalodick – Well, these were long awaited. They seemed quite impossible actually and some of them took years to manifest. Grateful still the same.

  4. Miracles are a wonderful thing. They are even better when accompanied by cupcakes from your fave bakery! 😉

  5. PinkPiddyPaws – True, so true!

  6. Things happen when we’re not looking for them and when we’re open to seeing them.

  7. Kate – True, but these miracles were not only asked for and prayed for for a long time, they were also much needed.

  8. I just heard someone say the other day that “miracles are relative.” Indeed they are.:)

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