Happy Easter!

I hope you have a happy and blessed one.

“While you are in the midst of the crucifixion, proclaim the resurrection. […] Keep your heart open and the energy in the universe will shift. […] The ego has power within the realm of form, but not the realm of spirit. Once the realm of spirit is invoked, once it is activated, the realm of form will be changed. […] It’s easy to believe in love when love is all around you. The issue is, are you willing to have faith in the possibility of love, even when love is not the manifestation you are experiencing at the time? […] You want to have faith in the possible.[…] You might be saying ‘well, if I don’t see it, it can’t be real’. But we all know now that ‘you recognize that it’s real and then you’ll see it’.” Marianne Williamson (Easter podcast)

Lent is over today. 7 weeks of 5 days a week of exercising, done. I did it! And now it’s over. Hooray!


9 responses to “Happy Easter!

  1. Jen, Necesito esa motivacion para el ejercicio!!! Tengo envidiaaaaaaaaaaa (de la buena)!!

  2. I’m so proud of you for sticking with your Lent commitment. I gave up croissants, oatmeal cookies and FaceBook during the day. The cookies and croissant worked. FB was harder.Y también me gustó mucho la cita que pusiste. Ayuda mucho a pensar.

  3. NuNu – propontelo y veras como te viene. Suerte!Not so little Woman – Thank you! And that is great that you got it done too : )Si, verdad? Me estan pareciendo super interesantes estos podcasts.

  4. Lent is over one day, and already with the smart comments! Gave me a good chuckle….

  5. buffalodick – thought you’d like that ; )

  6. Well done! Good on you for making it, and now enjoy taking it a bit easier. Did you see a difference in your body and your energy levels?And do tell about the boy when you’re ready – I’m intrigued!! HAPPY EASTER (I’ll post up some nice pics of Cuba when I have the time).

  7. The Sarjent – Thanks! I would get energy boosts, but I was physically tired as well. Regarding weight nothing really happen, I pretty much stayed the same.The boy thing died quite suddenly last weekend, so there’s not much to tell there. Happy Easter to you too, hope it was a great one! : ) Do let me know when the pics are posted, I want to see them.

  8. urgh well my boy thing died too quite suddenly – came back and he’s just not interested ‘very busy, I’m very busy at the moment, sorry’. Read between the lines – whatever else I’m doing is more important than making some time to see you – nice!! Ag, anyway, I’ll let you know when they’re up, probably this weekend.PS – you probably got more muscle which is heavier than fat so weight the same but more toned? That is also good…later. x

  9. The Sarjent – Exactly the same song and dance I got. Could it be going around?Great, I do want to see those pics. I am toner now, that’s for sure, and yes, muscle gain may be accounting for the lack of weight loss. Oh well, it’s good to feel healthy, I guess that’s what ultimately counts.

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