I know, I know. I have a story about a boy I’ve been keeping to myself. I will share it eventually, promise, but for now be happy that I’m happy. Ok? Thanks!

Just so you don’t feel completely excluded from my life, these are some of the things I’ve been up to:

Some watching of dancing in tights

A visit to my favorite NYC place last Sunday

A trip downtown, where the energy is wild, to see August: Osage County

Some eating of good food with a good friend

Some baking (my first cupcakes ever)

And some more cuteness, because one can never get enough of that, right?


7 responses to “Updating

  1. 666; The Final Solution; and the Claimhttp://winmir.blogspot.com/- Peter Ingestad, Sweden

  2. Yay! I love that I can identify with some of that! On my next trip, for sure you and I will meet for brunch! :)And good for you! It’s a good time to be happy!

  3. And you didn’t even tell us what you thought about August: Osage County? Forget the boy story, I want a show review! Well, ok, you can add a dash of boy, too, if you’d like!

  4. Cute kids! I think your maturnal instincts are alive and well!

  5. justrun – Sure thing! Thanks, it is good to be happy.SoMi’s Nilsa – Ok, ok, it’s comimg. i think i need to dedicate a post just to that review.buffalodick – Thanks! I don’t know about the maternal instincts, but the auntie ones are full blown out there!

  6. Hmmm.. Si te estás guardando el secreto, es porque el chico debe tenerte contenta. Eso es bueno… 🙂 Me alegro por tí

  7. Not so little Woman – Bueno, me tenia contenta, pero el dpomingo, asi de la nada, me salio con que quiere que seamos amigos. Es decir, game over. Asi, que ya no hay mucho que contar al respecto ; )

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