Goose Bumps

When was the last time you got goose bumps? And I mean the good kind. Not the ones you get from it being too cold, or when some nasty thought runs by. The good ones, the ones that catch you by surprise and make you smile.

Me? Last night!


10 responses to “Goose Bumps

  1. justrun – : ) yay indeed! : )

  2. Oh la la! :-)Geez, it’s been too long since I’ve had any.

  3. So are you going to tell us what CAUSED the good goose bumps? Or do I have to wonder?

  4. 🙂 Those are good to have!

  5. What gave you good bumps?Me and the bald tree climber will definitely do it again. He asked yesterday. I pretended to be busy, ya know, cuz he asked for the same day date. Ah these games…

  6. Sizzle – It had been ages for me, they totally caught me off guard.Kate – I will share soon, promise. Not so little Woman – indeed they are : )Charmine – I will share soon.I’m so glad you’re seeing him again, he sounds like fun. Good luck!Miss M – The story is to come, promise.

  7. I don’t remember, that’s how long!

  8. DEETS!! We demand DEETS!!!

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