When you’re 10

When you’re 10 this is what Broadway looks like.

By Nickolas Sanderson

New York faces
Tell many stories,
Some of joy
Some of worries

I see little faces
In street fairs,
Some buy candy
Some buy pears

Kid faces all the time
Playing in the park,
Running, laughing
Making doggies bark

I see Daddy faces
Running to work,
Drinking in bars
Acting like dorks

Busy Mommy faces
Buying here and there,
Buying whole stores
Buying everywhere

I see many faces
Around everyday,
That’s what it’s like
To live on Broadway


7 responses to “When you’re 10

  1. Very cute. Kids can be more perceptive than adults!

  2. wowwwww!!!!!que bueno está!!!!:-)

  3. I’ll never look at Broadway the same way again.

  4. awww so nice 🙂

  5. Passionista – they sure can!Anarella – si verdad? Tan bello mi Perico.Joe – Nor will I.berru – : ) thanks.

  6. ¡me encanta! Sigh. I want to move back to NY…

  7. Not so little Woman – : ) vengase pues!

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