What I heard today

From Marianne Williamson’s Miracle Thought for the day, Time to Teach podcast:

“Don’t misunderstand this business of giving a loving response… there is a limit accepted behavior in any given circumstance…you have the power to own your yes, but you also have the power to own your no…sometimes you say yes I love, yes I forgive, but others you say give me back my keys.”

I’m loving these podcasts!


8 responses to “What I heard today

  1. I love her books. I didn’t know she had podcasts.

  2. Kate – You have to check them out. You can download them free from iTunes and just listen to them on the go. They’re brilliant!

  3. I gotta check these out!

  4. Jen, Como puedo acceder a su pdcast?Me encanta!!

  5. Sizzle – They are great!NuNu – te metes en iTunes, en podcasts y buscas los de Marianne Williamson y te subscribes. Te van a llegar actualizaciones casi diarias de sus podcasts y la mayoria son buenisimos!

  6. I’m going to copy and print this!

  7. I’m not sure I understand what podcasts are or how to get to them? But I do know Twitter! What’s your username? I’m at http://www.twitter.com/passionista1

  8. Not so Little Woman – You should download her stuff, I’m sure you’ll like it.Passionista – It’s all very easy, you download them from iTunes. We are already twitter buddies! : )

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