Have a good one!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!
Hope you have a luck and fun filled day!


6 responses to “Have a good one!

  1. Happy, happy! I even remembered to wear my green. Although I probably should have worn orange. But who wants to think about civil war?

  2. I look like such a “Scrooge”..I don’t own anything that is green!

  3. Kate – Thanks! I didn’t have any drinks, but I did get some work done from home, so all is good with the world. buffalodick – any color will do, when there is alcohol involved who cares what you’re wearing, right?

  4. hee heee…~! This morning when i went to work, all the streets were covered with green and orange stuff~! there was some party out there yesterday~!

  5. I was raised my a woman from Ireland. St. Patricks Day was a day of no importance. My mother said it was not celebrated in Ireland. (It is now.)But she did make us eat Steak and Kidney Pie. It was so good, until we learned what kidneys were.

  6. i hope you ate a green cupcake.

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