This week

TGIF! I am so overly tired this week. I look back at my google calendar for the week and no wonder I’m exhausted, it’s absolutely packed. It was a very productive week, a lot of work got done and a ton of errands from the to do list got crossed off. Also my exercising has been a success too. Tomorrow I complete my 5 out of 5 days of exercising for this week, getting me half way through Lent, yay!

Along the positives of the week are a phone call I got from a friend saying his wife is pregnant. They had been trying for some time and now they are about two months along. Of course I was doing a little dance of joy in my kitchen, very excited for them. The same day another friend texted from Austria saying his second daughter had just been born. Could this had been a better day? A total baby day!

But the good news doesn’t end there. Today I found out a friend I use work with is engaged and my coworker’s husband got a great new job in his area (finance) after being laid off from Lehman some time back. Good news all around. Except, for an email I got from a friend yesterday asking about a professor’s health. Apparently, she heard she was having surgery because of lung cancer?! I had no idea.

So yeah, the good comes with the bad, but this week’s balance is positive for sure. Whenever there’s a baby in the picture the outcome has to be good, right?

On another note, I’m trying hard to control my addiction to blogs and twitter. I had reserved blog reading to nights only and spreading the reading thinly, reserving the heavy load to the weekend. So if I haven’t been leaving comments in your blog, that’s the reason why, they will probably come in latter in the week. I have caught myself reading a ton and not writing enough and then when it’s time to write I’ve forgotten what I had to say, or it comes out a mess, as probably this post will read.

Twitter has me hooked still. Although I discovered podcasts today and have spent the entire iPod time I had (going to and from places) listening to politics, history and spirituality stuff. I’m loving it, but of course no time to twitter. I guess for me technological addiction are similar to my food addictions, they come and go in phases. First was blogging, then was FB, then was twitter, now it’s podcasts. I wish I could do them all, but you seem the day has a limited amount of hours I can dedicate to this, because of course there is work, and errands and life which has to be done too. So I’m trying to balance everything out.

Speaking of balancing, next week is TC’s spring break I have completely cleared my schedule to stay home all week working on my dissertation. My plan is a lock-in to do nothing but analyze all the data I have, make tables, charts and start compiling some findings together. I have been reading some, but the data has not been touched in weeks. So this is my chance to get at it without interruptions. Exercising is the only other thing on my calendar, nothing else. No work, no school, no class, nothing. I am actually very much looking forward to it.

So there you have it… I’ll be back with something more insightful soon, I promise. It’s been swimming around in my head and I actually want to do a vlog, but just haven’t the time or focus to do so. Soon, I promise, very soon.


3 responses to “This week

  1. Jen- My friend.. Twitter and Facebook are dead ends.. blogging is where long term friendships start. They are shallow, a blog is more than that! I know you are single, and those venues are more to your taste and lifestyle, but look in the real world for your next friend, and go with your intstincts..

  2. Sounds like you have figured out a great balance that works for you. Yay! The trick to my balance is not succumbing to the Twitter bug. =)

  3. buffalodick – you always me make me laugh. Thanks!SoMi’s Nilsa – it’s addictive I tell you, don’t try it!

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