Loving it!

I’m loving my horoscopes today. One, because I need the extra motivational push to get things done dissertation wise:

“You will be doing a lot of reading, learning or studying today. Your mind is thirsty for knowledge, and you are soaking things up that will be greatly beneficial to you in the future. You could have a lot of fun while you are at it, too!”

And the other because, it might just be true:

“You only have to trust your intuition to know how the people you’re meeting from time to time will affect your fate. Just now you’re open to the possibilities of mixing your Karma with those who cross your path and who may in fact be your soul mates. Don’t however think that a fireworks display will be the signal for these meetings when in fact it may be a rather quiet and simple experience.”


4 responses to “Loving it!

  1. I like it when my mind is thirsty for knowledge.Yes. I. Do.

  2. i like this post 🙂

  3. So I really need to come to NYC? We totally have to meet! 🙂

  4. kate – yep, me too ; ) berru – glad you do : )PinkPiddyPaws – You totally do! And yes we do!

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