Ala Twitter only longer

In no particular order:

-I’ve spent the last two days in a conference about the divide between the religious and the secular, albeit very interesting it sparked some doubt in my mind that I want to end up being a scholar. The pompousness, the arrogance… don’t think I want that for the rest of my professional life. They were very good… not sure I could be that good either… food for thought I guess.

-My dad is in town this weekend, yay! He’s got a cold, not so yay.

-I love my new iPhone, only wish the battery lasted longer.

-Completed my second 5 days a week of exercising for Lent. Feeling great actually, the two days a week I’m off exercising I kind of miss it, especially the first of the two. Also, I’m feeling healthier. I feel my lungs are purifying themselves somehow and even though I started feeling hungrier after exercising, these past couple days my appetite has waned.

-On the exercising note, I’ve noticed that the days I do my jogging bits (my gym days) I spend the rest of the day catching my breath, energized yes, but a bit breathless, as if my lungs were in overdrive. Has this happened to you before? Is it a good sign?

-I met three new guys in February, all three amiss. Not sure I want to continue in March, maybe I’ll take a break. Although I miss the intimacy, I don’t miss the dating.

-I finally found the cleansing facial mud mask I’d been looking for for weeks. It’s definitely the little things that make me happy. Come Sunday morning I can go back to my morning pampering ritual.

-Been thinking of letting go of the recently re-stirred C anger. Not sure I want to let him know though.

-More than I would care to admit, I miss M. A part of me wants to go back and try it again and the other part is trying hard to convince me I have to just let go. I wish he missed me too.

-I got to wear a dress, flats and a light jean jacket today courtesy of NYC spring preview. The warmer weather makes me not only feel more chipper, but also more feminine. Yay for girlie things.

-I’ve been wondering why people do not answer when prompted with good morning/night in the elevator. No answer is your answer is not acceptable. Apparently the meaning of politeness eludes some people with which I share a building.

-Tomorrow is mani/pedi day. That always brings a smile to my face. That and buying flowers. I think I’ll do that too.

-I saw a bright orange carry on bag laying on a street corner on my way to Carl Schultz Park for my river side jog. I thought I should notify someone but didn’t have a phone on me. On my way back home there were two cops inspecting it. I’m sure it was nothing, but this is NYC after all, you never know.


6 responses to “Ala Twitter only longer

  1. How long is the iphone battery lasting? I use the heck out of mine and it’s good 4A-8P at least.Also, please ask NYC to keep the good weather. PLEASE. 🙂

  2. I’m so impressed at the exercising. Wish it was contagious. :)Also, if you go to settings on your iphone and under “fetch new data” set it to off, your battery will last a lot longer. It just means you have to open your email for it to check for new mail, instead of constantly searching (and running down the battery).

  3. JustRun – Well, by mid afternoon it dying, but I just changed some of the settings so maybe that will help. I’m just use to my razor which would last a few days, of course I didn’t play on that phone ; )I will do my best to convince the good weather to stay, but it does seem to have a mind of its own. Emily – I’m actually pretty impressed myself. I knew I was going to do it, but didn’t actually know how. Thanks for the tip on the phone, I just changed it, hopefully tomorrow it will last more, that is of course if I don’t play with it more ; )

  4. The scholarly vs. religious debates? I don’t miss that about pursuing higher education at all.

  5. Kate – what I could surely do without is the pompousness. Why do these people think they are God’s gift to human kind? Oh wait, let me rephrase that, because of course the notion of the existence of God is for uneducated backward fools, they surely are science’s gift to humanity. Good grief!

  6. I love my iphone too! I havent set up the email thing because I’m way too addicted at my computer and don’t want to think about it after I finish work. Same for the synchronising my calendar with it…Nice to hear what you’ve been up to.Good luck on further exercise and work!

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