Look what I got today

I fell in love today! With a 10 week old dachshund in a pet store in the Village. Unfortunately, he costs a whooping $1600 (can you believe that?!), so I left without him. It was a shame because I had a name picked out for him the minute I saw him. If he were mine he would be named peanut, for sure.

The Village and SoHo are dangerous for me. I remember once falling in love with a metal sculpture worth $500 in an art street fair. It was truly beautiful, I still remember it, and sometimes even long for it, but there was no way I could spare the cash at that time.

Today I spent the day down at a conference at The New School for Social Research in the Village and as I listened to all the speakers I watched some of the audience pop open their little laptops or tap into their BB. I’ve mentioned before how I am addicted to FB, blogging and twitter, right? Well, today was not fun. From 9 am (when I left home) until 9 pm (when I got back home) I was internetless and suffering. I so wanted to borrow someones device just so I could twitter a bit. So, not looking forward to a repeat tomorrow, on my way home I stopped by an ATT store and bought an iPhone. I now have an iPhone!!!!!

Ok, so before you go all bezurk on me and lecture me on how this is tough economy and I should be saving and not spending, let me tell you this was not an impulse buy. I had been thinking about buying this phone for quite some time now, and had postpone it indefinitely, until tonight. You see, I already filled my taxes and know I will be getting a check that will more than cover for the phone, so I’m good, right? ; )

I know, I know. I should be saving. But what can I say, it’s the Village, it has that effect on me. It’s like everything there is so different, so pretty and I just have to have it. And, for Pete’s sakes, it’s an iPhone, we all know how awesome those are. So stop lecturing and let me enjoy it. Tomorrow I’ll be twittering with you all from it! Just think about it, if I hadn’t gotten it, you would have to endure a whole other day without knowing what I had for lunch and no one wants that, right? Right?!


4 responses to “Look what I got today

  1. I ended up with a brand new phone (sans internet – I’m not THAT tech saavy) that TEXTS because I lost my ancient dinosaur of a phone. And I LOVE IT. And I too, had just been putting it off and had the money earmarked for it. So I say – enjoy your phone and don’t let the haters take that away.

  2. Dude, whoever says iphones are anything but genius are just jealous.Just kick ’em in the knees.That should solve it.

  3. Kate – Yay for new phones! You can text me any time! : )Moosh in Indy – : ) totally!

  4. I will not give you a hard time over the iPhone. I have one of my own and I can understand the love. Trust me, you will get addicted, you will love it and will never want another phone.

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