The first week of Lent is over. Well, technically this was a half week, since it started on Wednesday, but still I took the challenge as of Tuesday, so I’m counting it as a week. I went to my regular (and awesome) yoga class on Wednesday and to the gym Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I made it this week! My legs hurt a bit yesterday, but nothing to worry about. I’m off to a good start.

On other news, I think I caught the stomach bug that’s been going around. Last night, at around 3ish am, I wake up with excruciating stomach pains and proceed to spend the rest of that hour in the bathroom, not grooming myself mind you. Not much could come out of me though, since actually I had not much to begin with. I had had dinner around 6 pm, which I’m guessing was all digested, so the only thing left in me was a passion fruit martini I had after the play (I went to see Eva last night it’s Sebas’ stepmom’s play, a very well written monologue) and when I got home I had some cheese puffs because I had the munchies. That was it. I can’t believe a little old martini could cause such pains, so my money is on the bug. Especially, since I’ve spent all Sunday in bed, in my pjs and the only thing I’ve been able to eat is chicken soup and crackers.

Ugh! I hate being sick, although I guess this is better than the flu, which in me, seems to linger for over 3 weeks. I hope I feel better tonight. I had some fun plans for today, yeah, the really fun 😉 kind, but they are now postpone until further notice. Rats!


5 responses to “Progress

  1. Yikes!I hope you feel better. Take it easy.

  2. JustRun – Thanks, I already do feel better.

  3. You’re my inspiration, you know?! I also completed my first week. And without your Lent challenge in my mind, I likely would’ve skipped one of my workouts … but, I didn’t!

  4. I’m glad it passed. This bug (which I had last week) seems to come with bad stomach PAIN. I’ve never experienced the pain part before – but it’s a common link to what’s been going around.

  5. SoMi’s Nilsa – Really? Ahhh *blush*. I’m so glad you took on the challenge too, we can keep each other motivated : )Kate – Oh the pain was unbearable, I thought I was going to faint. I’m you didn’t get the pain bit, I really don’t recommend it.

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