Done and Done

I did let him know I was not interested in pursuing anything further. There is nothing more terrible than being left to wonder what happened, believe me I’ve been there (remember C? Yep, I thought you did).

My email:

Hi XY,
First of all I wanted to thank you for the time we’ve spent together. It has been really nice talking and getting to know you. Before this goes any further though, I feel the need to let you know that I don’t think I can be more than friends. I think you are a great, nice, sweet guy, but you are not the guy for me and I would not want you to feel as though I am stringing you along. I hope both you and I find the person that is the right fit, hopefully sooner than later ; )
I hope you understand and that there are no hard feelings between us.
I wish you the best,

His response:

there are no hard feelings , I feel the same way take care, xy

So there, that’s done.


12 responses to “Done and Done

  1. Good for you. At least it was mutual. That helps.

  2. Sizzle – You know what? It does make it better. I thought “well, good then” when I read it.

  3. I feel the same way? Then I’d like to say, why didn’t HE do it? This online dating thing is exhausting.

  4. Kate – yep, that was my second thought… so if I hadn’t pulled the plug and he felt that way, would have he done it? I guess we’ll never know. I’d like to think he would have though… although…

  5. How refreshingly honest. Bravo!

  6. Back in my dating days, I had a number of email exchanges like that. I’d say, thanks but no thanks. And the guy would say, yeah it’s mutual. Sometimes, I was left wondering, was it really mutual or was he just saying that to save face? Either way, glad you took the high road and told him how you feel!

  7. Jennifer Nicole – : ) thanks.SomI’s Nilsa – A part of me thinks he just said that to safe face. But either way, it’s done and I’m glad it went well.

  8. Well good for you. Next!

  9. Well done, Jen. Always good to get closure.

  10. The dating world is different from when I was young! Good it all worked out, and it’s behind you..

  11. Indeed closure to get your side of the story or your thoughts is important for moving forward. Well done to you!

  12. L – : ) hopefully I’ll have more chemistry with ‘next” ; ) Joe – Yep, always a good thing. Buffalodick – I would love to hear how it was in your day. Care to share?SCC – Closure seems to always be a good thing indeed.

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