Ash Wednesday – Lent Commences

I decided to go with the exercising bit. So it’s yoga once a week and gym 4 times a week (I increased one day to make it really challenging for me), for a total of 5 out of 7 days of working out.

I’ve never done this. I’m not into exercising, I don’t really love it (except for yoga, I love yoga). I do it because I feel I have to, to keep my figure and keep healthy. If I were naturally skinny, had a high metabolism and could eat every single sweet I wanted without gaining weight, believe me, I would not move a finger.

Actually, it wasn’t until this fit-conscious era hit in the mid/late nineties that I started exercising at all. Before that it was “Go for a walk? Really? Why?” Not to mention sports, which I’ve never practiced in my life (with the exception of swimming and the occasional tennis, I truly detested PE). I’ve always been rationally incline, so intellectually stimulating activities were more my thing than physical ones.

So here I go. This is going to be interesting. I’ll keep you posted.


6 responses to “Ash Wednesday – Lent Commences

  1. You know I love this idea. Ever since I started 1/2 marathon training, I’ve tried to workout 4 days a week. Maybe I’ll do a sympathy Lent commitment to continue those four days a week for the next 40 days! =)

  2. Hrmph. I just can’t seem to talk myself into exercising. I know I need to and I know I’m fat and I know that once I try on my swimming suit, I will hate myself. Why can’t I get there?

  3. SoMi’s Nilsa – sympathy Lent, I love it. Let me know if you decide to go for it.Kate – For me, it just kicks in one day and I make the decision. Once made, there’s no going back.

  4. Sabes jen tu post sobre la cuaresma me dejó pensando, de hecho ayer lo platiqué con Jorge (DiPi) y le dije que hace mucho tiempo no hacía un sacrificio en cuaresma, los dos decidimos dejar de fumar, asi que gracias por la cosquilla…Abrazo y mucha suerte y buena vibra para el ejercicio…PD: Yo tambien odiaba PE

  5. You have to get into the right routine for you – once I stopped trying to make myself do something every day I started enjoying it more, and have now been gymming 2/3 times a week for years. I like the odd run in the park too.Good luck on the exercise regime!

  6. Pillo – Buenisimo!!! Que bueno ese proposito de cuaresma, me encanta, mucha suerte!The Sarjent – I’ve been going for 2 days a week for quite some time now, but that isn’t nearly enough, so I’m hoping this Lent take-on will do the trick. Thanks!

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