Thinking about Lent

Lent is around the corner and I’ve been thinking about what to commit to dropping or adding to my daily routine for 40 days. In the past I’ve been off chocolate, sweets (this was a toughie), contacting or initiating interaction with guys and negative thoughts. I have a few ideas for this year:

– Commit to working out at the gym 3 times a weeks with no exception. Yoga once a week, for a total of 4 days of exercise.

– Play/practice the guitar every day for 30 mins.

– Diet, or drop some type of food.

But these are all things I need to do, not necessarily something I enjoy and will give up in order to help purify myself and gain more self-discipline. Does adding something count too? I guess if it implies a sacrifice, self-discipline, a challenge and it’s something that is not easily accomplish, then it should count right?

Weigh in. What do you think I should give up or take on for Lent? Any ideas?


7 responses to “Thinking about Lent

  1. I’ve had a few friends tell me they’re going to give instead of give up. You know, service to others, sacrificing time, things like that. I think it’s a great idea, and it’s inspired me though I don’t practice.

  2. I’d never presume to tell others what to give up, even when asked, but I do like the idea above about sacrificing our time in the service of others. Seems to be in keeping with the spirit of Lent.

  3. I say something that will challenge you over 40 days is definitely sacrifice, because you’re not *allowed* to give up. Go for the gym/yoga challenge!

  4. justrun – that’s actually a pretty good idea, although not sure where to go to help service others… I could always set out to do one nice things a day for someone, anyone… I think I need to think about this a bit further.Joe – sacrificing my time, would surely be a sacrifice… lets see what I can come up with.SoMi’s Nilsa – I’m liking that one more and more. I think I just might go for that one after all.

  5. Every Lent, I quit smoking. It probably would be a bigger deal if I smoked in the first place, but I never have.. 🙂

  6. Yo creo que cualquier saciricio es bueno, y cualquier rutina tambien, la verdad es que nunca hago nada para la cuaresma, pero ahora me has dado ideas…suerte!!

  7. buffalodick – : ) and this year?Pillo – que chevere, unete al equipo! Gracias.

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