Sweets come to me

You will not believe what just happened to me. I went on a first date with this guy I met through the internet, of course, where else do I meet guys these days? And he is a total sweetie! I, me, moi, finally meet a sweetie in NYC! I truly thought they were an urban myth, although I had spotted some on my people watching afternoons. They always seemed attached though, so nothing really I could do about it.

This guy is sweet, no questions asked and he’s not, how do I put this mildly? in touch with his feminine side to the point where I need to wonder or worse, worry. I met a sweetie! Not a player, a smooth talker, a party boy, a finance dude, or a workaholic. He’s a sweetie. I can’t believe it, I’m so excited!

He actually came to pick me up at my place so that we could walk together and talk on our way to the restaurant. And after the margaritas and nachos I was so set on having, he walked me home, kissed me on the cheek and left. To then send me a text message a few minutes later saying how much he had enjoyed his time with me. Now, that screams sweetie like nothing else.

Oh, and did I mention he’s never been married, has no kids, is a Christian, is significantly taller than I am even with heels, has a very cute face, is a bit on the conservative side like I am (I know you are all liberals, but the love remains, right?) and lives 5 blocks from me? Yes! Now this is what I call a good night out.


12 responses to “Sweets come to me

  1. Oh how exciting, for you, hope he turns out to be a real sweetie over and over again. But didn’t you want to kiss him for longer, for more? That’s what happens to me when I like someone, but the me = very impatient!! Good luck with this one.

  2. awesome….Awesome…AWESOME!!!! Yay….! Now, hopefully he won’t wait “3 days” to call you and you can tell us all about a Sunday brunch date?? 🙂

  3. The Sarjent – I hope he does, although for now I’m just happy to have met a very sweet, honest guy. You know what, I didn’t kiss him and I think I need to see him again to see if there is enough of that sexual appeal there. PinkPiddyPaws – Well I guess we’ll see. A part of me wants to keep this memory of a great guy and not ruin it with other dates. I know, weird. But for some reason that’s how I’m feeling this morning, strange huh?

  4. Well, far be it from me to tell you your business, but I only know one way to find out about that feminine side… Good Luck!

  5. Fingers crossed he’s the real deal!

  6. Can I count the ways I love this post? First, you titled it Sweets. And as you know, I fondly refer to my husband as Sweets. Second, you met over the internet, just like I met my husband. Third, he met you at your door so you could walk to dinner, kind of like my first date with my husband. Fourth, in a city as big as New York, he lives mere blocks from you, kind of like my husband and me when we first met here in Chicago. Fifth, you’re a wee bit giddy about how well this date went after a string of lukewarm ones (just like I was when I met Sweets). I’m telling you, I like the sounds of this. Awesome!

  7. Buffalodick – : ) thanks! : )Sizzle – me too! ; )berru – yep, quite sweet indeed.SoMi’s Nilsa – it does sounds quite a like… I hope it ends as well as it did for you : )

  8. Actually Jen.. I was hoping the Sunday Brunch date would be WITH the “sweet guy”. 🙂 xoxoox

  9. PinkPiddyPaws – I totally got you were referring to the same guy, but that’s exactly what I meant. Why go out with him again and find out he’s not the real thing, if I can keep the memory of a great first date and just let that be? I know, it sounds crazy, I was just feeling a little weird yesterday. I do hope he asks me out again, I think it might be worth exploring.

  10. time to compete then 😉

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