I wonder…

Someone please enlighten me. Why is it that the last two guys I’ve gone out with on first dates seem a little too in touch with their feminine side? It’s definitely not a good sign when in the middle of a date you’re thinking to yourself “Is this guy gay? Hmmm, If so, I wonder if he knows it.”
Is it just me, or is this common?


8 responses to “I wonder…

  1. ha..haha….!! I TOTALLY know what you mean. 🙂

  2. Then date me yo 😉

  3. PinkPiddyPaws – it’s kinda sad that we both know this, don’t you think?David – : )

  4. he he met someone like this in london when I was back. He seemed very nice and quite fit, but just a bit too metro, couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but it disturbed me too. Thought I would probably try and see him again when I’m back there just to see…

  5. Don’t forget the bowling date I went on where I was pretty sure my date was checking out the guys in the lane next to us! ha..ha… nothing like having your date be your competition. 🙂

  6. The Sarjent – that’s it too metro… or gay, either, doesn’t seem to work for me. PinkPiddyPaws – I remember that guy from the bowling date. You’re right nothing like your date being your competition!

  7. jajajaja que risa, si me ha pasado, por otro lado me da mucho gusto saber que has estado saliendo con chicos en dates, wow, la energía se mueve!!! Good luck!

  8. Pillo – es asi, moviendo la energia… algo bueno tiene que salir de todo este esfuerzo, verdad?

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