Grace in Small Thing: 18 of 365

1. Olive oil. My current one of choice from Portugal:

2. Accomplishing milestones. This one probably deserves it’s own post, but it is filled with grace and look at it, its small (it only took me 4 years to get, but hey, who’s counting?) so I’d say it fits right in.

3. Email, because really, how would we now live without it?

4. Books that make you ponder, and dream, and share, and talk, and ponder some more.

5. The new “move to” button in gmail. I can now archive and classify in color, how perfect is that?


5 responses to “Grace in Small Thing: 18 of 365

  1. Love #2! I remember getting my Masters. I was never so tired, charged, happy, freaked, and…well, everything all at once! ~~~Dee

  2. #4 especially. I seem to have developed a habit lately of sitting with my hand on the cover, lost in thought for a few minutes, whenever I finish a really good book. Then when I see the same book in a store, I almost always reach out to touch it.

  3. Good olive oil is a blessing…

  4. Dee – exactly my sentiments : )Joe – You know I do that too… but I pick it up and hug it as well. Buffalodick – it absolutely is!

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