Grace in Small Things: 16 of 365

1. Snowing outside. You inside, cozy in your pjs, watching through the window.

2. Milk chocolate M&Ms. I still have the holiday ones, in shades of green and red.

3. Late afternoon bubble baths.

4. Aromatic candles.

5. Pondering the good stuff, like this.


6 responses to “Grace in Small Things: 16 of 365

  1. #4 Aroma candlesI love candles and things that smell nice. Aroma therapy!!!!!

  2. I love the snow. Period. Inside curled up. At work watching it outside (despite knowing my commute will suck). During said commute, going 5 mph, but enjoying the peace and harmony other drives give one another. Walking the dog. Seriously, I love the snow! Good thing, too, since Chicago has had plenty of it this winter!

  3. You're better than me. Those holiday M&Ms didn't make it to the end of Christmas day in my house.I keep waiting for my name to pop up on one of these lists…

  4. SSC – So do I! : )Nilsa – You’re lucky you know exactly how you feel about it. I’m not sure yet what my feelings are. Sometimes I like it, it’s just alluring that way, and others I really just want it all to go away already!Joe – Check out my grace in small things number 17! ; )

  5. 🙂 Nice for Joe!!I like Mid afternoon bubblebaths too, there is something decadent about them like staying in bed all day with your boyfriend, or eating chocolate at night just because you get a craving for it.Happy weekends!

  6. the sarjent – aren’t they the best? And the boyfriend-bed and whenever chocolate aren’t bad either ; )

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