Grace in Small Things: 15 of 365

1. Food when you’re really, really hungry.

2. In the high 40s during winter.

3. Cupcakes… gotta love them.

4. Dreams, the good kind.

5. Being able to sleep when you need to.


8 responses to “Grace in Small Things: 15 of 365

  1. Frankly, I’m shocked that it took this long for cupcakes to make the list…and that you’d classify them as a small thing. lol

  2. Joe – no, no, no. Cupcakes were in 9 of 365, remember crumbs? This was just from another vendor.

  3. Huh,wish I could sleep when I needed to. Have an insommniac elephant living above my head. = not v conducive to sleeping any time she is not sleeping herself. Darn elephants.

  4. Great. Now I want cupcakes.Cream filled chocolate ones.Hrmph.

  5. ha..ha..ha.. I had the WEIRDEST dream the other night.. evil kitty trying to suffocate me while three good kitties tried to save me and give me three wishes.. note to self… crab cakes and mojitos before bed make for odd dreams. 🙂

  6. the sarjent – I know, I’ve been reading. I feel for you, really I do.kate – you know what I think I want cupcakes again too.pinkpiddypaws – oh my that is a weird dream!

  7. Hmm… 2, 3 and 5. When you come to DC, I will take you to Georgetown Cupcake. And then, oh man! You will die of bliss at such perfect cupcakes.

  8. Not so little Woman – You’re on! : )

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