Oh NO you didn’t!

I’m appalled! They came to my home. How dare they? The other day they called me on my cell and invited me to this forum on the Enmienda Constitutional next Monday. I listened, I’m not rude. But thought to myself “Yeah right! Like I’m going to go to that!”. The guy said what he needed to say, I just said “aha” and that was that. I thought it was over. No, not really.

You see next February 15th there is yet another voting process in Venezuela. Chavez, the lunatic, egotistic, autocratic, dictator in disguise we have as a president has decided that he wants to change the constitution, yet again, this time to allow for indefinite reelection of the president in power, i.e. him. What astonishes me is that in December of 07 we had this voting process and this was revoked. The Venezuelan people voted and they said NO.

Legally, when the people have had a referendum and have voted against or in favor or some reform, this reform can’t, I repeat cannot, be put up for change again. You can’t ask the people twice to make a decision just because you didn’t like their first answer. No is NO. Yet, somehow, under some legal trick he managed to do so and this coming 2/15 we will vote again.

The Venezuelan Consulate at NY has been campaigning for him heavily. They have sent at least 5 different emails announcing a forum about the enmienda they plan for the Constitution. And apparently they now do door to door visits to encourage people to attend.

I am furious! It’s like they are telling me “we know where you live and we’re not afraid to come over unannounced”. Well, you know what? I know where you live too. And on 2/15 I will pay you a visit and cast my vote, of yes sirree, I’m voting. A big fat NO is what you’re getting from me, no matter how many visits you pay me. I’m not afraid of you!


7 responses to “Oh NO you didn’t!

  1. You got family back there..be careful…

  2. Wow. I cannot imagine.

  3. I think it’s great you’re able and willing to vote on something from so far away. Go Jen!

  4. buffalodick – you’re right, I should be careful.justrun – I hope you never have to.Nilsa – I wouldn’t be able to call myself a citizen if I didn’t vote. If only it counted for something.

  5. Como dice mi amiga Aregntina: Que tupé que tienen, en fin, la gente que dijo NO volverá a decir que no, te dejo un abrazo…

  6. Pillo – total tupe! Pero bueno, solo nos queda esperar que de verdad todos voten NO de nuevo. La camapa~a que estan haciendo es super fuerte.

  7. I applaud you. I would say “NO” too.

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