Grace in Small Things: 12 of 365

1. My sister’s cleaning lady coming over unexpectedly. Yay for a clean apartment!

2. Errands that go well.

3. Errands that go sour but lead to unplanned visits to St Patrick’s Cathedral (that place never ceases to amaze me, the details, oh my, the details!)

4. Trying my first ever street cart pretzel (I’ve lived in this city for over 7 years total and had never had one, can you imagine? This was all that was left by the time I got home.)

5. Romantic movies with happy endings.


8 responses to “Grace in Small Things: 12 of 365

  1. When I saw the top of your picture, I thought it was dog poop and was wondering how it played into grace in small things. Oh how I was wrong. Pretzels – yummm!

  2. Soft pretzels are special…In third world Michigan, we don’t see many…

  3. I can’t wait to see the new movie that came out today.. “New in Town” 🙂

  4. Mmmmm I think I’m hungry now!

  5. Even better, sandwiches made with pretzels as the bread. That should be what you try next!

  6. Nilsa – 🙂 I really hope poop of any kind ever makes it to my grace list.Buffalodick – here they’re really good. PinkPiddyPaws – I want to see it too : )The Sarjent – So am I!Jules – Really? Where can I find one of those?!

  7. 1. aplausos por el depa limpio!! el mièrcoles viene la que limpia aquì… jiji2. felicitaciones! se siente bien cuando todo sale como se esperaba3. fĂ­jate que es uno de los lugares que mas me interesa conocer de NY4. ssssss no los he probado!! pero amo los pretzels5. pelĂ­culas románticas y chick flicks

  8. lau – Pues cuando vengas, te sale St. Patrick y pretzels!

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