Grace in Small Things: 11 of 365

1. Resuming yoga classes after a month without.

2. Getting work done during work hours.

3. Drinks with friends.

4. An online first date that actually goes well.

5. Snow boots on a snow filled NYC day.


6 responses to “Grace in Small Things: 11 of 365

  1. This is an excellent list!!!

  2. Love the yoga one…I’m in pain after just a few days missed.

  3. abbersnail – thanks : )Joe – I so missed my yoga and I am definitely feeling it today!

  4. 1. yo estoy reintentando el yoga, necesito canalizar mis energías2. jaja.. hacer lo que se supone que debes hacer.. bien3. y con las primas tambien, genial4. ok, primero empecemos con el date5. y la visita a la nieve…

  5. lau – el date quedo en veremos porque a la final el tipo cancelo por la nieve, que tal? Pero comenzo muy bien, eso si ; )

  6. I want to know about the date. You know I’m doing it too! And I never know what to think after the first date. Hardly ever.

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