Grace in Small Things: 6 of 365

1. Taking myself to see a movie.

2. Believing in fate.

3. Following my destiny… if only I could stay on track more.

4. Greek food.

5. Pictures of angels.


4 responses to “Grace in Small Things: 6 of 365

  1. Maybe destiny is a bit like life – it’s what happens as you’re making other plans 😉 Like these quick 5 nice things to remember…mine:1. chocolate melting on your tongue.2. Telling someone you love them.3. A last minute, non planned drink in a pub with some good friends.4. Your own bed after being away for so long.5. The ‘flirting’ butterflies – you know when you’re not quite sure whether they like you or not, but it’s delicious to imagine it.

  2. the sarjent – ah my bed, that is something to look forward to : )

  3. 1. y si la película es ´para llorar, mejor aún2. y dejarse llevar3. y seguir el instinto4. mmm ok, esa no me gusta5. y ver angeles en la gente que te quiere

  4. lau – Como no te gusta la comida griega? Es lo maximo!

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