Which one?

Remember that post ages ago where I asked for your opinion on sconces? Well, I need your decorating help once again. I have been in search of a rug for my living room area for the longest time. I wanted something on the modern/classic side to match my furniture and style, but needed to stay within a budget, after all I’m still a student and these are dire financial times. I finally came across a rug that I really like and think would go well in my apartment, but as luck would have it, as soon as I was almost 100% convinced that this was the one, the same store comes out with a different one just as appealing. Now I have options, rats! Well, this is where you come in. I need your opinion.

This is what my living room area looks like currently.

The walls are painted in mint green and the couch is the same hue a little darker.
The furniture is dark wood and the lamps and sconces are brushed silver.
The floor is light wood parquet.
Now imagine it with a rug under the coffee table.

Should I go with option A?

Or is option B best?
Your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks!


12 responses to “Which one?

  1. I love them both!!! But I would probably go with B, because it’s a little bit funkier.

  2. I like them both, too … but, I’m going to go with Option A. If your walls are green and your couch is green, I’d argue a green rug will provide a tad too much green in the room. Just my $0.02.

  3. I think I like option A better for the same reasons Nilsa gave (option B: too much green), but B is girlier and I am a girl after all, right? I sometimes think my apartment is not as girlie as I am, just because I want to keep it simple and clean.

  4. Hmmm… I like them both, but my first instinct was to pick #1. Not sure why. Maybe b/c it is a little more neutral? Then the other stuff (curtains, pillows, etc.) can be your accent colors. (Like I know what I’m talking about.)Good luck!

  5. When you are unsure of the perfect match, go with contrast… No. 1

  6. tu living está hermoso y yo voto por el verde con flores… creo que es un buen color para pensar y relajarte, sin que se torne “cabizbajo” el ánimo.Ya luego nos cuentas qué decidiste.Besos, bonita.

  7. See.. I’d go with B because it’s funky and colorful and is a GREAT accent to offset the floor. A would blend in too much.

  8. hahaha I don’t know if this is going to help you pick. I like option A the best, don’t really like the pattern on the second, think flowers on rugs/walls/curtains are a bit old-fashioned. I really like the colors of the first and have to agree that having a green rug for me would make it all a bit too groen (green). GO with A!! And take a piccie whatever you choose, it;s interesting.

  9. Thank you for your opinions, you guys are great! I’m still undecided. I think I’ll let it sink in a bit and then pick one and buy it. I will surely post a picture of it once I get, that you can count on!

  10. a mi tambien me gusta mas el verde con florecitas, se ve bien nice… y qué chula tu salita eh =)

  11. lau – y yo cada vez me inclino mas por opcion A : (

  12. This is late, you must have already picked, but I’d go with A

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