I got a new boyfriend!

So after all the whining yesterday I went out today and found me a brand new boyfriend! Well, he’s not actually new… and he’s not quite a he either… he’s more of an old or used she… he’s a Guitar!

Yes, I bought a used, 1999, made in Spain, classic guitar.

So, even though my new boyfriend is only 10 years old, he’s quite catchy, isn’t he?
I hope he’s nice to me, because I find him incredibly sexy.


7 responses to “I got a new boyfriend!

  1. Congrats, but really we need to get you out more.

  2. Mike – thanks! I’m all up for that, just say when!

  3. there you go! And he can only woo you with his sweet dulcet tones, and sing to you when you want him to. Enjoy 🙂

  4. Those are big guitars!

  5. the sarjent – exactly! : )buffalodick – those? are you referring to my boyfriend?

  6. Gorgeous! I’m sure you’ll both be happy together.

  7. A boyfriend who will always sing sweet nothings in your ear … not bad, my friend!

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