Just in case I need to be clearer

I think I’ll add a number 5, just in case all out there are still not crystal clear.

5- I don’t want any more meaningless hookups and guys who go MIA when things start getting interesting. I need a man who is ready. I want a relationship.

There, so all of you wanting some little fun on the side to kick off the new year, move along, nothing to see here.


12 responses to “Just in case I need to be clearer

  1. AMEN!When I finally said those words aloud, I met the Horse Whisperer. Seriously. Like, within 48 hours. It’s all about knowing what you really want.

  2. abbersnail – : ) Wow 48 hours? That’s impressive. But I think you’re right, it is all about knowing what one wants and not settling for anything less. Hopefully it will happen for me too.

  3. I’m with ya sister!!! Good luck!

  4. You know Jen, you could not have said it any better. The only thing I can say is keep your eyes and heart open. Miracles happen when you aren’t looking for it.

  5. Happy New Year and I wish you all the best.

  6. You’ve got a whole year ahead- enjoy!

  7. I’m completely done. I mean, I AM dating again – albeit a little hesitantly, but once I figure out if they’re just in it for the fun, I’m out of there. I don’t have time.

  8. I LOVE #5. Good for you…proud and happy for you. Now, go kick some ass. ~~Dee

  9. Always more intriguing when I drop in at the end of a list like this. Give me a minute to catch up.Okay…got it. Good luck!

  10. Oh, and feel free to interview me if you’d like.

  11. pinkpiddypaws – thanks!misstressM – here’s hoping for my miracle! ; )ssc – happy new year to you too!buffalodick – I’m planning to ; )kate – exactly, who has the time?the sarjent – happy new years to you too! : )dee – I plan to! ; )joe – thanks! I’ll send you your questions ASAP.

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