New Years

My parents are in town and we’ve been up to some fun. Christmas was celebrated, Santa came with presents, NYC has been walked, shopping has been done, and we even went to see The Radio City Christmas Spectacular, which was truly spectacular. Some more Christmas sight-seeing has been done and some major eating has taken place.

Today the plan is dinner at my sister’s and my mom is making her incredible pernil, which I can’t wait to devour. There will be hallacas, salad, pan de jamon (home made) and for dessert I made pay de limon or better known in these parts of the world as key lime pie. I can’t wait! Which is the main reason the queasiness of my stomach and my two visits to the bathroom today need to stop ASAP.

So while I wait for by body to settle, I’ve been thinking of resolutions for next year. I don’t want to make a wish list, I did that already during the new moon back in October. But I can make a list of things I need to work on this coming year, here goes:

1- Get rid of my negative, critical, judgmental thoughts toward others. Lately these random, seemly uncontrolled thoughts come more frequently than I would care to admit. They have to go.

2- Be careful of what I say and how I say it. Words can have irreversible impacts on others and I sometimes seem to shoot from the hip without giving it a second glance. People deserve better, I can do better.

3- Be more spontaneous and go with the flow. Let life guide me, instead of me trying to drive life. Trust the divine plan.

I think I’ll leave it at 3 for now, as is these will take a lot of effort on my part. Lets see how I fair in a years time. Now it’s off to get ready for the celebration and to you all I wish the absolute best for the new year. Happy 2009!


4 responses to “New Years

  1. ¡Feliz 2009 JEN! Gracias por todo y por la complicidad. Te quiero.

  2. Gracias Ing. Yo tambien te quiero mucho! : )

  3. happy new year, jen! and cheers to the list!

  4. pinknest – thanks! Hope you have a great year too!

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