Done with one list!

I had one more gift to buy, but this past week had been one of those you don’t wish upon even your worst enemies, so there was no time for fun stuff. Today was the first day, since last Saturday, I had some down time so I decided this would be the day to finish with my gift list. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate and there was (still is) a storm in its full blown outburst going on while I was trekking the shops. 

Fortunately, I made it home in one piece and my Christmas gift shopping is officially done, hooray! Hooray is right, because really, look at how outside is feeling right about now:
Need a closer look?
But inside, it’s quite festive. Little Sophie had a sleepover at my place last weekend and one of our many activities was to finish decorating the tree. We went to the store and got some ribbons and proceded to make bows, lots of bows. The tree is looking quite fine, or as Sophie would said “It’s beautifully!”

4 responses to “Done with one list!

  1. I will never decorate another tree without a little kid present.

  2. Wish I was there to go out and play!

  3. Your tree looks lovely! And the snow outside makes it look all the more warm and cozy on the inside!

  4. moosh in indy – I hope I don’t Have to either. mond – : ) wish you were here too!Nilsa – Thanks! It sure does. The snow is very pretty but I sure hope it would go back to high thirties and forties again soon.

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