Am I in the wrong city?

I spent the day in DC for a job interview (more on that later) and through out the day I noticed that men there seem to make more eye contact and sustain it long enough to smile at me AND wait for me to smile back at them, than they do in NYC. There men said goodbye to me as I got up from my subway (or should I say metro) seat to leave the train and talked to me offering unsolicited help with directions. It seems men there are politer or at least more open to positive social interaction.

The kicker though came at the end of the day when I was completely exhausted and my feet were in pain from walking in heels all day. As I sat at the airport’s food court to grab a bite to eat for dinner before boarding, I saw a man looking back from his seat at me and smiling. I smiled back politely and thought nothing more of it, but as I got up and walked by him toward my gate (#33 by the way, both in and out of DC), this went down:

“Excuse me”


“You are gorgeous!”

“Thank you”

“I just wanted to say that”

“Thank you”

“Have a pleasant night”

“Thank you, you too”

Apparently, all could muster out at this point of my long day was thanks… thank God I was a bit more articulate during the interviews. Anyhow, my point is, I’m either a hit in this city and have been obviously living in the wrong one for the past 4 years, or it’s the dress and the heels, which I could not possible wear in NYC with all the walking. So there, one day in DC and it seems quite apparent to me that if I want to do something about my single status, meaning, change it at all, I need to move.

Of course, you could say it was a fluke. After all I went to bathroom later on and checked myself out in the mirror (my flight was delayed over an hour) and yes, I looked as tired as I felt. Nonetheless, I chose to believe that nice man, because who doesn’t want to be gorgeous even if it is just for a random stranger at Reagan airport?


7 responses to “Am I in the wrong city?

  1. Sweetie, you live in NYC. And while New Yorkers will tell the world until we’re blue in the face that people there are a lot nicer than their reputation upholds (which I’ll agree is true – people aren’t that bad in NYC), it’s still far from the nicest city in the US. If you’re looking for places where people are nice, I’d point you to DC, Southern cities, Midwestern cities, Denver, Austin, northern California, the Pacific Northwest, anywhere but the Big Apple! Thankfully, New York offers a host of really amazing things to balance out the cold act … and hopefully that’s why people love it so!

  2. Well, dang. Now I’m thinking we both need to move! 🙂

  3. Well…honey…you are gorgeous and the men arent blind! *giggle* But, yes…people are different outside of NYC. They dont seem so…angry….I guess. ~~Dee

  4. aw, you are a total beauty! and i love it when strangers make the day a little brighter 🙂 good luck with the job stuffs…

  5. It’s funny, I’ve lived in DC for 7 years and I think the people are okay, but not nearly as bad as NYC. However, whenever I travel to the South, I’m instantly aware of how much nicer they are.

  6. I’ve only lived in one spot- and it can be warm or cold, depending on how you act…

  7. It changes for me depending on my mood. Maybe you were glowing with optimism and job interview (that went well) gladness. Whatever the reason, you go Jen!

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