I got a tree!

I got back from Caracas last Sunday and early Monday morning on my way to work, what do I see? The trees are out. They’re selling Christmas trees again! Christmas is my favorite holiday, it has always been and Christmas without a tree? Unthinkable! So right then and there I knew what my weekend plans involved. It then hit me. How on earth would I be able to carry a tree back to my place on my own? Was this one of those activities I would be needing a guy for? Darn!

That same night I chatted with Mike online. We were making small talk, we haven’t been seeing each other any more, so I found it strange he was asking me about my week plans and my Christmas plans, but hey, small talk can’t hurt, right? Yet, as soon as Christmas was mentioned I remembered the tree and proceeded to ask him if he could help me with it over the weekend. I don’t remember exactly how I phrased it, but his response was “sure, although I don’t want to get things confused with us again. It seems too much of a relantionshipy activity to me.” *Gulp* I thought “don’t flatter yourself dude, I just need a guy to carry a tree”, but instead said “yeah, you’re right, forget it” and haven’t heard from him since.

Anyhow, I asked my brother in law and he suggested looking into delivery services. (uhm, ok). My friend J offered to help, but he lives far away and only comes into the city for work. I was not going to ask a guy in a suit to carry a tree for me, even if it is only for 3 blocks. So today as I was running errands and the men in my life grew scarce, I said screw it, I’m going to try this on my own, and guess what? I could carry the tree AND the tree stand in just one trip! Hooray for me!
I got home super excited. Left the tree out in the hallway and proceeded to clear the area. This is where the tree would go:
And now to tackle the base. Will I need someone to help here? Nope, I can do it!
And bring in the tree and place it on the stand.
And then undo the wrapping. The guy at the tree stand ask what size I wanted. I said “taller than me”, as I like my men as well (this I didn’t say, just thought it). But look at this guy, an inch taller and it wouldn’t have fit in my apartment.
Now for the lights. I don’t like doing the lights, but I guess this is just part of the perks of doing things on one’s own. I get to do all that I like as well as what I dislike. So lights are in!
Wait a minute, they don’t blink. Did I buy unblinking lights? Nope. It says here they’ll blink if I change a bulb, ok. I changed the bulb and nothing. Oh well, I guess I’ll live with that.
I’m still missing the tree skirt, a star or angel for the top, and more ornaments, because these 3 golden balls I have from a gift set from 3 years ago, will not do the trick. In the mean time let me sit back and contemplate my tree! : )

Are you in the holiday spirit yet?


12 responses to “I got a tree!

  1. it looks beautiful! happy holidays 🙂

  2. Very nice. I was going to suggest put in a taxi for the 3 block haul, but hey you did it yourself and it looks great.

  3. I was about to tell you to grab a GIRLfriend to help with the tree. But, you one-upped me and did it on your own. Good for you. Beautiful result!

  4. Bex – thank you! Likewise!Mike – I thought about the taxi, but didn’t want to mess up the tree just for a few blocks. Thanks!Nilsa – you know that would have been a smart move too. Why didn’t I think about it? Thanks!

  5. of course my arms hurt today as if I had been lifting weights… hmmm… wonder why? Well, I have a tree, that’s what matters. And a little exercise never hurt anyone, so no complaining.

  6. hahaha love it. No man needed at all. See? Us women can be all strong and powerful when we put our mind to it, we just think we should have one around to help us out…and if they are around, very nice it is too 🙂 If not we survive 🙂 🙂

  7. A good story of how it is an epic to get a real tree in NYC!! We live in the land of live trees, but have a fake one. Why? We don’t want to kill a tree, and we are lazy! Nice lookin’ tree, lady!

  8. Look at you with your fancy tree and your feats of strength!The tree looks great.

  9. beautiful!!! i love it. isn’t it so nice to have a christmas tree in the apartment? it’s so festive and smells so nice.

  10. I love your tree! It’s so beautiful. I can’t wait to put up mine.

  11. the sarjent – it is nice to have them around, but indeed we survive without them.buffalodick – well, this guy was already cut so it’s not like I killed him, right? Right?joe – well, you really can’t see me, but the tree is nice ; )pinknest – it is very festive and it does smell incredible!passionista – thanks! I hope you get a beautiful one.

  12. You definitely know how to make a place look festive… it looks great.

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