Day dreaming

“Why are you still single?”

“I yet haven’t received an offer I can’t refuse.”

“You seem intriguing.”

“You’re in finance, right? You can stand a good challenge, can’t you? Well, take your gloves off sweetheart, because you’re in for a treat.”

You can see I was feeling bold yesterday, can’t you? Maybe it was the heels I was wearing, they always make me feel empowered.


6 responses to “Day dreaming

  1. heh…heh..heh.. THAT was awesome. 🙂 How’d it work??

  2. maybe we all feel empowered sometime, the trick is to be empowered everytime.

  3. One empowered moment can lead to many, or so I’ve heard. 🙂

  4. pinpiddypaws – in my head it worked just fine ; )rodrigo – that seems to be the trick, doesn’t it?justrun – I think it’s a state of mind.

  5. Work it, girl, work it!

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