Thank you all for your recommendations for better sleep, you guys are great. I haven’t gotten to buy the melatonin or the aromatherapy scents yet, but I will, maybe even this weekend. You’re suggestions of exercising, meditating, praying, hot baths, reading, listening to music, watching TV and wine are all well received. Some I have done, in fact I think I have done them all at one point or the other and they all seem to work to some extent. I think my current problem is both not being able to shut my brain off from work and worries, and the unbearable noise coming from the street straight into my bedroom window.

The construction going on in the city is unbelievable, but the one directly surrounding me is just insane, and I mean that literally, as in it is driving me edgy, if not a bit crazy. The down fall is that I can’t actually do anything about it. They will drill, they will open holes in the ground, they will place big metal laminates over the holes and trucks will bounce over them at all hours of the night. There’s nothing to be done, that’s just the way it is. So I think the best thing I can do is to buy myself some earplugs and try to shut the noise away. I’m looking into that today, but was wondering if you have had any experience with sleeping with those and how safe they might be?

On another note, I had a very full week. I’ve been working like mad on my dissertation, collecting data and starting to see how I will analyze it. It’s so much fun to be on the roll with this. I am truly enjoying it and savoring every little bit of it, but it has me burnt out. On the balancing end, I managed to go to yoga, the chiropractor, drinks with coworkers and last night was invited by my friend Ina to see Stomp (this was her birthday present to me) and it was great!

So things are rolling and I am being able to balance work, fun and rest, which is quite the accomplishment if you ask me. Now, if I could only sleep-in more on weekends, I would be as happy as a clam!


3 responses to “Thanks!

  1. Mi cuñado duerme con earplugs, son unos como de plastilina y dice que le encantan porque son suaves y se amoldan a tus orejas, asi que give it a try, que tal estubo stomp? la quiero ver aqui en Londres…Odio no poder dormir, espero lo logres prontito, abrazos!

  2. pillo – gracias por el dato, ya pedi unos por correo, luego te cuento como me fue con ellos. Stomp estuvo buenisimo, la verdad es increible como se las ingenian para hacer musica con cualquier cosa. Ojala lo puedas ver en Londres.

  3. I use earplugs all the time, I shelled out for these really expensive moulded ones that are moulded to your own ears (my ears are apparently an odd shape inside so normal ones are really uncomfortable). I’ve used them for years, even when I’ve been dating guys that snore and they always do the trick for me. The foamy ones that you can squish into your ear (and they expand inside) are soft, comfy and also pretty good for shutting out noise. They also often one or other fall out once you are asleep so that you can wake up with your alarm still. Good luck, not sleeping properly is terrible!!

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