I got Crumbs!

Did you know there is a Crumbs on 93rd and Lex, just 3 blocks from me???? Did you? Well, I discovered it today and had to go try it out. They were having buy one get one free, so there was quite the line outside the shop. But no worries I’m not above standing in line when it comes to sweets.

When my turn finally came, I got 6. I had never been and they were out of red velvet
(usually my favorite kind), so assorted it was.

Bag in hand I dashed over to my sister’s for a very sweet merienda.

They were glorious! If you have a Crumbs near you and haven’t tried the cup cakes yet,
get up now and go. Go on, you can thank me for it later.


14 responses to “I got Crumbs!

  1. No “Crumbs” in Michigan, but we got a few dirt balls… 🙂

  2. buffalodick – : ) Maybe you guys should open one. That will give you the best reason to cook ever!

  3. Better than Magnolia? That’s the only benchmark I have in New York. And I don’t do cupcakes when I’m at home in Chicago, despite the fact there seem to be cuppycake shops popping up all over the place.

  4. We most definitely don’t have one in CO. How sad.

  5. No Crumbs near… so I guess I’ll have to wait till you come and bring some 🙂

  6. Looks like the entire family shares your love of sweets!They’re opening a Crumbs in my neighborhood and I can’t wait.

  7. nilsa – well, Magnolia’s are good, but sometimes too overpowering sweet (the frosting), not that these are not sweet, because they are, but these are like mini cakes (many different choices of flavors), they truly are gourmet cup cakes. justrun – they might deliver… we have to look into that.mond – of course, I’ll bring you an assortment.joe – they do! Might it be in the genes? You’re lucky Joe, you will love them!

  8. No Crumbs in Georgia either. But we do have The Atlanta Bread Company. Does that count? 🙂

  9. pinkpiddypaws – do they sell baked sweets? Then yes, it counts! ; )

  10. aaay eso se ve bien ricoooo!!!!!por qué nos torturas así???

  11. WE DON’T have any cupcake shops in the netherlands, it’s all appeltaarts and pastry/baked goods. That looks ace though, did you get six for free, they look enormous. Good thing you had some nice people to share them with!! x

  12. I could lick the computer screen those cupcakes look so good!

  13. lau – son divinisimos! Para que vengan! ; )the sarjent – they were having buy one , get one free. So I paid for three of those. Yes, my peeps are great to share sweets with.catherinette singleton – : ) You know what? I think I could some screen licking of my own today too.

  14. ay que deliciaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! quieroooooooo! aqui no hay crumbs, solo los gringos comen esas cosas jajaja, aunque hay pastelerias francesas re wenas…

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