A great time

Halloween was great! I tried to get a mask of some sort but apparently leaving things for last minute on a holiday is not a good idea. The lines outside Ricky’s where a block long, so it was a no-go for the mask. I instead headed over to my sister’s to trick-or treat with the kids. Nick was going out with some of his dudes from school, so it was just Sophie and me.

Sophie was the most beautiful fairy you have ever seen and she really rocked it, showing off her wings to all interested. Best expression of the night: “I’m soooo excited” bright eyes, big smile. “I looooooove trick-or-treating! Look at all my candy!”. I so love that kid.

(pics to come)

After a high on sugar and sweetness I was off to the Village to meet some girlfriends for the parade viewing. They were all dressed up and scary:

This year we didn’t have the best view of the parade, so this was the best I could do from afar with my crappy cell phone camera. Yes, I forgot my camera at home, of all days, this was the one I forgot it. So here are some not so great float pictures.

There were a bunch of very creative costumes. One of the very first ones I saw in the subway was a face book page, brilliant. We also saw Sarah Palin on Yout Tube:

And the best, at least for me, was a Juno girl who looked exactly like her, but unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that. How was your Halloween? Are you still high on candy?


5 responses to “A great time

  1. Halloween is like Christmas- without a little kid around, it’s not as much fun…

  2. The only Halloween-like activities in our house was eating candy. I think there should be a rule – no costume, no candy. It’d resolve at least one of our problems on the homefront. =)

  3. I love that parade but I skipped it this year because I assumed it would be packed. Looks like I was right.And you’re right about Ricky’s. There wasn’t a single store without a line around the block.

  4. Wow.. that’s just wild and crazy and looks like it was a ton of fun! 😀

  5. buffalodick – so true, it is all about the kids.nilsa – : ) but you gotta have the candy!joe – next year we can go together joe, ok?pinkpiddypaws – it was great!

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