My new moon wishes

I want to find my soul mate, to fall in love with him and have him fall in love with me.

I want to have a fulfilling, long lasting, romantic relationship with my soul mate.

I want to get married to my soul mate and have a healthy, beautiful, bright child.

I want to finish my dissertation and have it be approved in its defense by summer 2009.

I want to get a challenging, fulfilling, well paying job in a university or research institute by September of 2009.

I want to stay fit and healthy to be able to enjoy my life and all it brings.

I want to open the door to my spirituality and develop it further, by being able to tap into my spiritual insights and communicate with my spiritual guides.


15 responses to “My new moon wishes

  1. And…I….my dear…want all of those things for you too! You will get there…enjoy the ride until you do because these are the days you will look back on with equal happiness once the anixety of getting them is assured. ~~Dee

  2. I hope you get all that you wish for, and all that you have worked at to get!

  3. No doubt those are all coming your way, but I’ll add my voice to those wishing that they come true for you.

  4. sounds like a great list to me! Good luck making it happen. I know you can do it.

  5. I want my friend Jen to have excatly what she wishes for. She deserves her soulmate, and his life is empty without her.

  6. mond – que asi sea! : )sexywhispers – I really am trying hard to enjoy the ride, although sometimes I slip. buffalodick – thanks! hard work should pay off, right?joe – thank you Joe.sizzle – yeah, I can of like them ; )pinkpiddypaws – Thank you, I hope I can and God willing it will happen.misstressm – thank you : )

  7. y que los ángeles digan AMÉN!!!!!

  8. anarella – : )

  9. anarella – : )

  10. I love that you’re putting it out to the universe. You deserve every single one!

  11. emily – you know, I thought about it and then said what the heck, if I can’t put it out there, how much do I really want it, right? Thank you! : )

  12. Every single thing you list is possible…I really hope that in a few years, you look back on this list and laugh because it all came true!

  13. jason – I hope so too!

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