Do dreams come true?

I woke up to the most amazing dream. First a lady barged into my apartment, in a rush, touching things, moving things around, and talking non stop. I wised up though and asked her to leave, as she was walking out the door she asked me to join-in in her religious group. I smiled and said, quite snottily (not sure why), I’m Catholic and slammed the door. There would be no religion changing for me! (I’ve been reading about spirituality and religion a LOT, it’s my dissertation topic, so there’s no way around it, it has to come out somewhere).

Then the dream turned into a wish come true. There was this guy, didn’t really recognize him, but he was sweet and seemed older than me, like a father figure somehow, showing me around our new apartment. It was my old apartment completely renovated. Separate living and dinning rooms, a fire place a HUGE bookcase structure all around which filled my heart with joy (I have way too many books and no where to put them) and made me smile, and a brand new bathroom, all white, clean and fresh. There was even a washer and dryer inside the unit! I was in heaven. the view was breathtaking, over the bay, water as far as your eyes could see, and there was a section for kids, the kids who were to come. There were three doors, I opened the one in the middle. I was a girl’s room. All white, with girlie patters coming up from the floor, all ceramic (not sure why), with a little girl’s face to one side. The view from there was still breathtaking. The guy comes in and asks me if I like it, I smile as big as I can and just say “it’s perfect”.

The phone rang then, my parents wanting to be the first to wish me a happy birthday (very sweet). I woke up, the dream was over. I don’t know if dreams come true or not, but I sure hope this one does!

Today I turn 36, it’s sunny (finally not raining on my birthday), I’m 119.5 lbs (got to keep on track with this, it tends to slip), I’m still 5.4″, and I went for a jog along the river on one of the most beautiful fall days I’ve seen this year. Dream come true or not, life is good, very good : )


3 responses to “Do dreams come true?

  1. Happy birthday and congrats on the weight loss. LOL. Was that your birthday wish to be taller?

  2. I think dreams DO come true… I also think you are living yours JEN, just close your eyes and remember the view you had while jogging this morning… isn’t that a reality? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. mike – thank you and thank you : ) Not really, more of fact of life actually ; )mond – You know what, I think so too. Thanks! : )

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