Spread the joy

He who wishes to secure the good of others
has already secured his own.
-Confucius, submitted by Loretta C., Fort Collins CO

Take care of everyone you meet.
Give your smile to those without,
because on any given day
somebody, somewhere
is losing their personal battle.
Help them win.
-Ashley S. , submitted by J.C., DePere WI

5 responses to “Spread the joy

  1. Darn… that’s a good one. The only good Confucius quote I know is “Man who stands on toilet is high on pot”.What?? What do you mean that isn’t a real Confucius quote? 😉

  2. You’re full of exceptional advice these days, Jen! See what being up way too early does for you?

  3. How you drive a car in traffic will show if you are giving or selfish- believe it or not!

  4. really? Might be true. I know some blokes who do act like they drive…

  5. pinkpiddypaws – ; )joe – I would say I’m full of other things as well, but hey, who am I to argue? ; )buffalodick – hmmm, got to ponder that.the sarjent – not a lot of guys drive here in NYC, unless you’re talking cabbies, but that’s a whole different species right there.

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