I made chili!

I had another great weekend. I hope this is one of those things that comes in threes, and the following weekend is great as well. Well, this one started off with a chili craving. I had tried chili only once in my life, not too long ago at JG Melon with Mike, on a burger hunt. But for some reason I was craving it since Friday afternoon. Saturday I decided I would give it a go, and invited Liz, Cas and the kids to help me finish up the pot I decided to make. Take a look at the process:

The meat

The canned ingredients and the onion that made me cry

I got revenge though, and cooked it good

Added the salted meat

The cans went in a pot

And once the cooked meat was added,

I had chili!

The table was ready, just waiting for the guests

So I thought, dessert!

I had Venezuelan chocolate, galletas Maria, condensed milk and butter.

So Marquesa de chocolate it was!

And voila!

I had dessert

And when everyone got here, we ate

And watched TV

And went for a walk and found a park

Sophie decided she hadn’t had enough of me and stayed the night. We had a fun time, late night shopping, reading stories and taking a bath with bubbles. On Sunday morning I took her home, and we decided to go shopping, just the girls. So it was off to 34th street for a Macy’s visit. I was looking for some birthday presents, but nothing seems to be of my liking. This always seems to happen to me. I fall in love with everything during the year, but when my birthday or Christmas come along, when everyone wants tips on what to get me, I can’t for the life of me find something I really like *sigh*.

So that was my weekend: cooking, family time and uneventful, yet fun shopping. Yours?


5 responses to “I made chili!

  1. How was the chili? The dessert looks to die for..

  2. buffalodick – it was pretty good, nothing to take to a fair, but yummy. The dessert? Yes, you could actually die from it, with all that butter ; )

  3. That looks delicious and the rest of the picutres are adorable!

  4. OMG I want some of that chocolate, it’s like chocolate with more cream and butter added. I like the look of it! x

  5. princess extraordinaire – thanks : )the sarjent – come on over, I still have plenty left.

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