Have you slept on the couch?

I was thinking about my couch the other day, and for some reason I thought it was a good thing it has a pull-out bed, you know, “just in case there is a misunderstanding, he can go sleep on the couch”. Then I thought, does that still happen? Do men still end up sleeping on couches when there’s an argument, in this day and age? I don’t remember ever seeing my dad sleep on the couch, and I’ve never lived with a man so when there has been a fight one of us just goes home, no couch involved. Could it be a cultural related thing? Maybe it’s just passe?

But then today while paying for lunch at the TC cafeteria, a synchronizity occurred, because you know they like to sneak up us when they have the chance. Cashier one: “I had an argument with my husband last night.” Cashier two: “Really? Was it bad?” Cashier one: “Yeah, he slept on the couch.” And just like that, I got my answer.

What have you been pondering lately?


7 responses to “Have you slept on the couch?

  1. I’ll work on finding someone worthy to kick out of bed, first. 😉

  2. I’ve done it and so has my ex. If you decide to do it make sure you find it comfortable. Remember you ladies have been liberated and anyone can find themselves on the couch.

  3. Gosh darn it Jen.. now all I can think of is Pinky and the Brain quotes. ha..ha.ha.. 🙂

  4. we’ve both slept on the couch.i get all huffy and don’t want to be touched and leave me alone, so i leave.but a wise woman once told me this was a mistake. she said no matter how mad you get don’t sleep apart from each other. it sets up a bad precedent in your relationship.

  5. Well, I had been wondering whether or not the cashier and her husband made up or if she made him spend the night on the couch, but now I have my answer!

  6. After 20 years on the couch, I have come to prefer it…. 🙂

  7. Nah, I think that’s mainly old school, but I did buy a comfy ass couch though. You know, just in case I fall asleep watching tv or something.

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