A nice weekend and then some cake

This weekend was awesome. Last weekend I spent it indoors practically all the time, sleeping off a cold I had developed and had managed to kept numb over the week, but eventually decided so show its ugly head Saturday and Sunday. This weekend was a whole different story!

It started off with me dusting my camera off to go out and take some pictures. Once upon a time I was a wanna be photographer and even did some exhibitions of my work and got payed for printing gigs, but work, classes, responsibilities and life took care of that, and now the only proof of it are some pictures displayed at my parent’s home. I decided, since I still have most of my equipment, I should take advantage of the beautiful day ahead of me.

I was off to Battery Park on an incredible sunny day, and took some shots which I believe turned out pretty good. But we’ll have to wait until I develop them to say for sure. You see this was an old fashion photo shoot, with actual film involved. From there I was headed to Governor’s Island. Yep, in the 7 years total I have lived in this city I had never been to this particular island, and in less than a month I’ve been there twice, it’s starting to look quite familiar to me. Two weekends ago I went for the MP3 experiment, which was great, and this weekend I was off to see an art fair, which was actually very nice and inspiring. Some of the art was a little too…modern? Not sure if that is the right term. But other artists were more my speed and I enjoyed them greatly. I also enjoyed the hot dogs I had while waiting for the ferry to be ready to part the dock and get back to the other island, you know, the one I live in.

The view from governor’s island is breathtaking, especially on a clear sunny day like last Saturday. Totally worth the visit, regardless if your taking pictures, going to see art, or involved in any type of experiment. And you should hurry though, because I hear they are going to change it a bit.

Saturday we were all going to see Serenata Guayanesa, which is a Venezuelan quartet, establish about 37 years ago, which plays typical Venezuelan music from all around the country and has a very special CD dedicated to children’s songs. The kids loved it. Who are we kidding, we loved it! And danced and sang and clapped, until it was over. We had to have some ice cream after, because what is a concert without ice cream, right? Right!

After ice cream Nick asked if he could come spend the night at my place and I said of course! So he and Sophie packed a few things and we all taxied over to the east side. We had a little TV time, some snack, a bit of story time and off to bed. In the morning, bright and early, as kids tend to like to wake up we had a bit more TV cartoon time, cereal and milk, and after some play and candy, a bath and we were off to the west side to return home. We had lunch in Ozu, a little sushi and a little fried rice, and then headed over to Bella’s 3 year old birthday party. My, how time flies!

The party was nice. Lots of presents, food, drinks, cake and balloons. The kids had a great time and so did the grownups. After that, around 7nish, I headed home, I had been yawning since 4 o’clock! It was a good weekend, a good one indeed.

And last but not least, this morning I saw this! Take a look at these cakes. OMG I need a piece or two!


5 responses to “A nice weekend and then some cake

  1. I hope you’ll share some of your photography on your blog! My fiance just bought me the Nikon D90. Far more camera than I need right now, but I’m so stoked to get out there to take pictures!!!

  2. Life is ALWAYS better when liberal amounts of cake are applied!Glad you are feeling better and it sounds like a fab weekend!

  3. Aww, what a fun weekend. And yes, those cakes look fantastic!

  4. nilsa s. – I sure will, once they are developed : ) Wow, that’s a nice camera, you will have a blast with it!pinkpiddypaws – it sure is, bring on the cake!justrun – missing that weekend already!

  5. Those look too perfect and white to eat.

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