Angels among us

I got this email today from Angels Among Us (facebook group) and really liked it. For some time now I have taken my repetitive encounters with the number 33 as a message to keep the hope alive, and I thought this message contributes to this idea of maintaining hope as well. Enjoy!

Standing Watch

We have one Angel standing watch
above us as we sleep

Another gathers up the hopes
and dreams we wish to keep..

One Angel is the tiny voice
that whispers in our ears
With words of love and comfort
to conquer grief and fears

We have so many Angels
with one friendship keeper too

Another just to mend
the thoughtless things we do

We have a guardian of love
who protects our destiny
and helps us with our soul mate
with who we’re meant to be

We have a host of Angels
that keep us company…
In order that we may become
the best that we can be!!!


5 responses to “Angels among us

  1. Oh wow. That is a dynamic picture

  2. Oh wow. That is a dynamic picture

  3. It is nice isn’t it?

  4. Muuuy lindooo… :’)

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