A touristy day in NYC

My friend Tom has been spending some days in NYC with me and we have been going out a lot to dinner and even to a party last Wednesday night, but today we went all out. Apparently, we’re not done, until we are completely done. Take a look at our day.

It started out at the subway station heading downtown

First stop, the Apple store

Then it was off to an Irish Street Fair

Where food and drinks were had

Amongst the crowd

The only Irishness we encountered were these guys, so we were off

On our way we saw a building Tom liked and just had to share

And a manifestation pro Taiwan joining the UN

It was packed!

We still ventured in, bunny ears and all

And had some yummy desserts

And of course, beer

What next you ask? China Town!

For dumplings at Joe’s Ginger, the best around

Then? Home? Never! It was off to the bridges

And the South Sea Port at Pier 17

Yes sir!

We went on the Peking Ship Museum

And finished off with a view of Bodies… The Exhibition

Excellent exhibition, but very cold, I had to buy a long sleeve shirt as you can see

It was a great, productive, fun day. Although, I have to say, if you want to not be able to feel your legs, walking through NYC for 12 hours straight will surely do it to you, trust me, I’m there.

6 responses to “A touristy day in NYC

  1. OK, I’m officially jealous!

  2. mond – you should have come and joined us!

  3. Wow that was a fun packed day.

  4. Tom’s in town?!? I remember him from the pics of your last trip home!I’m such a fool! I forgot all about San Gennaro. I promised myself I’d go this year.

  5. OMGosh.. that looks like such a GREAT day! Glad you had so much fun. Hope you got feeling back in your poor tootsies! 😉

  6. Bodies? Is that the exhibit where the human body is all peeled away, and it looks like proscutto on bones?I saw that here in Dallas two years I think it was.I miss NYC. A transplanted NYer been out west ever since the 70’s.You look like you had feet aching fun.

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