The list was still left behind

I’m sorry to say, today the list was ignored as well. My parents flew in from Caracas late last night, so today was wake up, shower, get dressed, and go over to my sister’s to spend a family day with all of them.

We lounged, we roamed and we had lunch at this new UWS place which I am beginning to love called Telio. It’s a combination of Greek and Italian food, what could be better? The food was truly great, plus they have taramasalata, my favorite! I’m telling you there’s no going wrong with this place. I had a lamb gyro with fries which was delicious, but my dad’s pasta a la marinera wasn’t bad at all.

Then we went over to Liz’s place for a nap and some update on family gossip. You know how it is, everyone has a story to tell and living abroad doesn’t mean you don’t get the home town juice, now does it?

Later at night we went to see Vicky Cristina Barcelona with Sebas and Meibell. The movie is so Woody Allen. It’s funny. It makes you think. It has beautiful photography and great music. Penelope Cruz’s role is awesome. Truly a summer must see.

So there. My weekend consisted of outing after outing and eating and more eating. The list? Bien gracias! Hope you guys all had a great time as well.


8 responses to “The list was still left behind

  1. When family visits, lists go on the back burner!

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend.Greek Italian? I’ll bet their ziti in grape leaves is delicious.Been thinking about seeing the Woody Allen film. I’m not a huge fan, but his work seems to be getting better and deeper as time goes by.

  3. Well — the list is always there waiting for you to pick it up again. NOT SO with your family coming in from out of town!Glad you had a great time.

  4. I think that movie looks great. But, I heard a review on NPR that said it’s still not the Woody Allen most people know and love … and therefore he was disappointed with the movie. Bah.

  5. ooh that greek italian place sounds yummy, and a lamb gyro and fries sounds so perfect right now!

  6. Yes other floor was real squeaky, this new one is firm and fine though – it’s a relief. The old one every was a nightmare with friends staying – they woke me up, or I woke them up….you couldn’t move for the squeaking! Anyway, glad you getting all the home town news. Happy catching up. x

  7. buffalodickdy – absolutely!joe – well, I’m not sure this is his best work, but it is a fun movie, and the acting is quite good as well. cinnkitty – yep, it seems to always be there waiting for us. It has been a good time indeed.nilsa s. – well, I think it’s definitely different, but still very Woody Allen. The photography and architecture aspects are gorgeous. pinknest – you would love it!the sarjent – I’m glad your new floor doesn’t squeak, mine drives me mad sometimes.

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